Important Things to Know About Eyelash Extension

If you want to make your eyelash look longer, then eyelash extensions are the solution. Well basically, the procedure is done by adding the synthetic eyelashes to the person's natural lashes. Actually, these extensions are both organic and lightweight in making the wearer feel comfortable and hardly visible at the same time. Believe it or not, you can achieve a thicker and longer appearance of your eyelashes by simply having extensions on it.

There are numerous benefits of eyelash extensions but most of these are for cosmetics. As you decide to add it to your existing eyelashes, it's bound to make your lashes look longer and thicker while giving you a natural feel too. Whether you believe it or not, thicker lashes makes your eyes look fuller and open ultimately making it look appealing. If you are among those who have eyelids that are drooping, then you will probably make the most of longer lashes.

You will now find various synthetic extensions in the market and each of course have their own set of benefits and drawbacks from what's the ideal length to use them, how long does it take to put them on and many more. In addition to that this will depend to how fast your lashes grow and falls out. Generally speaking, lashes take a couple of months with few of them practically shedding day after day. Having said that, these extensions are going to last for one month or in other words, you've got to replace it monthly.

Before you consider adding synthetic eyelashes, you have to make sure that you have cleaned your natural lashes. In other words, they should not have makeup residue, oil or dirt that may spoil the glue. As soon as you have done the procedure, don't let your face touch with water for the next four hours because it will mess up the adhesive of the extension. To know more about eyelashes, visit this website at

There are numerous beauticians who will also tell you to not go to pools, bathing for several days and saunas after few days. You must not use curlers in order to avoid splitting of the eyelash as well. Last but not the least, make it a point that you're making use of water based mascara if the need arise. Read More Info here!

You must go only to a certified lashtician if you have finally made a decision to get eyelash extension. You might check if it's done professionally as you are through with the procedure simply by getting a toothpick and combine it in the lashes. So long as the toothpick didn't get stuck and the lashes are separated, you are all fine.

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